Free website hosting: powerful?

Nowadays, several service providers offer free accommodation offers at the same time as their traditional paying offers. This raises the question, why pay for a service we can have for free ? However, do not always rely on appearances!


Choose a free hosting, it is especially not being able or not wanting to pay a subscription on its site. This can be a good idea when you start a blog, and you yourself have not decided where exactly you are going. Indeed, paying a one-year service for a project that you may be abandoning after a few weeks is not a good thing.

However, it is also important to understand what is free hosting. Ask yourself: How can a hosting provider offer free hosting? Know then thatThere are two main reasons for a provider to offer this type of subscription : it will broadcast on your site advertisements and other contents that make him earn money to offset the cost of hosting your website; or it offers free offers for commercial reasons, which will usually encourage you to switch to their paid offers.

For Mister Hosting, lfree website hosting consists of a free discovery during 1 months of its services. During 1 months, you are entitled to all features, just as if you had paid a subscription.


Do you need web hosting? How to choose between a paid offer and a free offer?

Free hosting has like main benefit of being free. But you must comply with some restrictions or advertisements on your site. For a good start on the web, to test products or content … free hosting can be a good solution. However, the direct consequence of the restrictions is sometimes more work in the design and management of the site. Indeed, when the free formula offers for example a version of pHp or MySql earlierit may happen that you have to adapt your codes.

Un paid hosting has this benefit of offering more features, and therefore better management. Otherwise, Google does not like free hosted sites. Indeed, a blogger who would be willing to pay for his site for example has more credibility than a blogger who chose a free hosting. And some readers are also able to do the same reasoning if they have the means to know if your site was hosted free or not.

In addition, the servers used for the free offers are often less efficient. Indeed, these servers are most often saturated, because of the number of sites that share the resources. Even if your provider specifies that you have unlimited resources, the speed of the server for example will depend on the number of queries launched at the same time for all sites on the same server. Which can become disabling to a certain extent.


As we saw above, the formula proposed by Mister Hosting allows you to discover all of our services free for a month. By choosing this offer, your site will not include any advertising and you will be entitled to Cpanel for its good management. As a paid subscriber, you will be entitled to 7 days support on 7. Go to the page Free Hosting from Mister Hosting.

You are entitled to three different formulas: M Start, L Business and XL Premium. Of course, all three are free. But these three formulas correspond to the formula on which your subscription will switch after the first free month. You will find on this page the details of each offer. Then click on the “Order” button corresponding to the offer you have chosen.

Mister Hosting will first ask you for your domain name. Do you have a domain name? Would you like to buy a domain name from 0,99 €? You can also skip this step and adjust that detail later or keep a domain you already have.

Further, Mister Hosting will ask you to pay an invoice corresponding to a commitment of 12 months, including the first month to 0 €. You will then be entitled to 30 days to retract if you are not satisfied with the services of Mister Hosting. In this case, we will return your money in full.