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Mister Hosting is one of world leaders in web hosting free no ads and no hidden fees. You enjoy a free me for unlimited hosting with the management of your free hosting with cPanel included! Already several hundred users have already benefited and are delighted with their web accommodations.

Just order the formula that inspires you and it’s ready! If web hosting is right for you, you can simply renew at the normal rate indicated. Choosing Mister Hosting is also choose a free all inclusive accommodation plan with 99,9% availability guarantee. Unlike other free hosts, our accommodations support perfectly PHP, MySQL, you have unlimited databases, Curl, GD2, Zend, XML, Ioncube, .htaccess and many other features are fully supported.

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Create a free website

Create a free website with a disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Connections to your server are unlimited. You will also have access to latest PHP and MySQL versions.

Thanks to the cPanel control panel, the installation of a website is a click away! The Softaculous auto installer allows you toinstall a website for free, be it WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal, Os Commerce or Prestashop! So many CMS and scripts available with your free hosting.

For the most beginners, we propose you SiteBuilder Pro included with your free cPanel hosting. The site creation software is very simple and allows you to build a website in just a few clicks, drag and drop. You chooseamong more than 150 themes available designed by professionals then add your content and publish your website!

Quickly and easily install the best web software


WordPress is ideal for creating your website, this is the CMS the most used in the world because this one is very easy to use and offers great flexibility. Initially, it was a CMS blog creation but it became widespread thanks to its many plugins and themes. You can easily create a professional showcase site but also an e-commerce site with for example the WooCommerce plugin.

You can also find a large number of tutorials in French on the internet thanks to its large community to help you in the creation of your site with WordPress.

hébergement Wordpress


Just like WordPress, Joomla! allows the creation of professional showcase sites, blogs, ecommerce sites, … The true strength of Joomla! lies in the ease of setting up a social network system within the site as well as the creating an online store.

Joomla! is a excellent compromise between WordPress and Drupal. It combines the benefits of these two and its popularity continues to grow. If you are looking for a CMS more powerful than WordPress and easier than Drupal so we recommend Joomla! with our website hosting.

hébergement joomla


Drupal is positioned right behind WordPress in terms of popularity. It is very popular on the side of people who have a technical spirit. It is a very powerful CMS that consumes fewer resources than WordPress however it is much less easy to use than the latter.

It is advisable to have some notions in HTML and PHP to use Drupal even if it is not necessary to install and use it but strongly recommended to be able to solve the problems thanks to the messages of errors.

You hesitate between WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal? We advise you a comparator to help you in your choice.

hébergement drupal


Prestashop is a Open-source CMS of e-commerce from a French publisher which is already a great advantage for the help part as well as the translation of the software.

You will have at your disposal many themes and modules to customize your e-shop however the price of these can be quite high in some cases but remain affordable most of the time. The French community around this platform is very dynamic you will not have trouble finding answers to your questions.

hébergement prestashop


Like Prestashop, Opencart is open-source. This CMS has been designed with the aim of offering the user a ease of use. You can throw new stores very quickly by customizing them with free and premium themes.

Like most CMS, you will have extensions for add features to your online store. Opencart is best known for its possibility to set up several e-commerce sites at once and manage everything on a single dashboard.

hébergement opencart


Magento is less easy to use than Prestashop or Opencart however there is no need to be a developer to use it. To stay in the comparison of these last two, Magento is the most powerful and advanced platform but will cost you a little time in the grip. It is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a Magento specialist to get started on this CMS.

hébergement magento


WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce plugin. This one allows you to launch an online store very easily by using WordPress and enjoying all its benefits. There are many other plugins of this type on WordPress but WooCommerce is the most functional. This solution may suit you perfectly if you need a small shop next to your blog / site and you use WordPress.

hébergement woocommerce


PhpBB is a free software allowing you to launch a Forum with many functions like post, reply or even edit a topic or message with defined rules by the administrator.

But also an editor for fairly advanced answers allowing your users a many features to build their message.

There are many graphic themes which are customizable to match your identity.

hébergement phpbb

And many other web software!

With Softaculous that is available on your cPanel web hostingyou have available more than 300 software pre-installation ! From simple page builder to e-commerce CMS, you’ll have a huge choice for launch your activated on the internet.

You wish visualize how Softaculous software works or discover all the software offered? We invite you to watch his demonstration.

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A question about our free web hosting? (FAQ)

Why is everything free?

We offer a free hosting service one month to allow you to discover our services. We are able to offer you free accommodation through our paid accommodation available on our website.
Mister Hosting allows you to save the price of your web hosting for a month so you can enjoy the services and save.

What are your guarantees?

We offer you 3 guarantees essential to the proper functioning of your free web hosting.

1. Our web hosting will allow you to win a month 100% free!

2. We have our own high quality Data Center, which guarantees the security and high performance of your services and data.

3. To ensure sufficient bandwidth for all our customers, we use dedicated connections.

Which hosting package to choose?

It will depend on your needs. For example, a showcase site for a business will consume far fewer resources than a shop and commerce.

You can order one of our formulas and if you need more power later, increase to a higher packages.

How long is the accommodation free?

Our free web hosting packages are offered for one month. This allows you to use our services for a month at no cost!
You then decide to go on a paid formula with all performance and unlimited resources. You manage your web hosting with ease with cPanel and install your site for free.

Why cPanel to manage your web hosting?

cPanel is the world’s leading 1 web hosting management web interface. Our shared web hosting plans do not suit you? Try cPanel! cPanel uses and proposes the latest technologies. You can also benefit from the auto installer Softaculous which allows you to install site creation software or functionality for your site.

Ideal for create a website and manage it with ease. You benefit with your cPanel hosting from a free domain for your personalized web address as well as emails with a webmail, protected against spam and anti virus.

Will my web hosting really be unlimited?

The cPanel web hosting is all unlimited and very powerful. Regarded as the best hosting, cPanel hosting allows you to benefit from all your resources in an unlimited way: email account for your professional email, ftp client, storage space, php mysql, online sites … unlimited hosting to allow you to enjoy all the resources you need.

A cheap hosting and unlimited high performance that allows you to enjoy our hosting services with cPanel.