How to find a domain name available?

Choice of the domain name is an important step and prior to the creation of your website. In addition, it must not be done by chance, it must be the result of a long process of study. For an e-commerce site for example, the domain name can influence the frequentation of the site and by co19need its commercial success. For a blog, the domain name can be a first indicator of the subjects that are treated by the author.

Everyone is then free to choose their domain name. However, because of its uniqueness, you can not choose a domain name already used by another person. So, it is necessary to check the availability of a domain name first of all.


Why talk about “Availability” of a domain name ? Simply because domain is unique. A domain name is a succession of letters, adopted to facilitate access to a website for internet users, if at the beginning the addresses of the websites consisted of a succession of digits better known under the name of IP address. A website corresponds to a single IP, and therefore a unique domain name. Thus, it is not possible to choose a domain name already used.

A domain name consists of three parts: prefix, domain and suffix. If we take the example of, “.Com” is the suffix or first level, “mister-hosting” is the domain or the second level, and “www” is the prefix or 3e level. From an availability point of view, the most important is the second level. It is this part that you will use for the popularity of your site and for your image. However, the association between the first two levels is also of paramount importance. Indeed, in theory, for example is a domain name different from the original. So you have the option to choose it, even if already exists, provided of course that it is available in turn. Moreover, the 3e level does not really matter. You can not choose for example, since everything is played at the level of the first two levels.



So, how to make sure that a domain name already used or not? It’s not rocket science to know him! Just go to a website that offers this service, for free in most cases. To find one, just do a Google search for example. Otherwise, the majority of sites specializing in accommodation and domain names offer this service. Indeed, before to reserve a domain name, you must make sure that it is still available. And this is a step that the supplier imposes before allowing you to move forward in the buying process.

You can also learn more about a domain name with the Whois tools “. These tools, also free, inform you about a domain name (owner, contact of the latter, date of creation and expiry date of the subscription in progress …). Of course, these same tools warn you if the domain name is still available.

In addition, be aware that a domain name belongs to a person for one year. You have the possibility to renew this lease. However, when a domain name has expired and is abandoned by its owner, it falls into the public domain and is reachable for everyone. This time again, it is the law of the first comer which prevails.


Go to the domain name reservation page of our site. From there, you have the possibility to choose between two methods. The first is to press the button “Order! “. The site will then guide you to a new page. On the left, enter your desired domain name, and press the button “Check availability”. The second method is to use the field “Find the ideal domain name”. This feature prompts you to enter the desired domain name in the field and will offer you in return the choices available in relation to the different extensions. If the domain is already in use, even in another extension, this feature gives you information about them marking in red.