Create a pro website with WordPress

Today, creating a website is within the reach of almost everyone. From the simple curious to the most knowledgeable professional, everyone can have their own website online. Whether it’s a simple blog, a showcase site or a commercial site with complex features, it is now possible to meet everyone’s needs. Once the basic idea is defined, WordPress is the tool you need to easily design and in a few clicks the design and functionality of your website.

WordPress, a powerful and practical tool

WordPress, in the field of the web, is what is called a content management system. In concrete terms, it is a platform for creating and customizing a website. This is one of the main differences with the simple editors of online websites for which the level of personalization is quite limited and the features, although sufficient in some cases, are often basic. With WordPress, the customization is almost unlimited.


Once WordPress is installed, a few steps are necessary before the birth of the website adapted to your company. Before proceeding to the creation of the website itself, one must first create, reserve and buy a domain name. The domain name is in other words the address of your site, the unique name he will wear. When choosing a domain name, care must be taken to ensure that it is easily remembered by Internet usersbut also that it can characterize your business and thus help identify you quickly. Once you know that your domain name is unique and fits your image, you will need to subscribe to an accommodation. It’s about acquiring a “plot”, a space on the web to place your site. This acquisition can be made to several service providers among which we can recommend MisterHosting. It is one of the best providers specializing in hosting WordPress website. In addition, by opting for accommodation with MisterHosting, besides the many benefits offered on a WordPress formula, a domain name, necessary as mentioned above, is offered free of charge.


WordPress allows you to select a predefined theme adapted to your needs. To do this, simply enter “Appearances” then “themes”. In choosing the theme that suits you, you can arrange, according to your universe, the graphics of your website. Choose the colors that represent your business and set the font for your image. Whatever your field of activity, you will find a basic theme that you can customize to fit perfectly with the image of the company. These predefined but varied themes offered by WordPress allow you to easily create a website that meets the criteria of your visual identity.


The theme chosen above is automatically accompanied by a homepage. Now you have to edit, adapt and modify this first page. You can configure this homepage to your needs by inserting useful information on the company such as the name, logo and description of the company. You can from there, add tabs, pages, links that will lead to other pages of your website.


Once the home page has been created, in a few clicks, you can add as many pages as you want. It is from this step that you insert the page of presentation, the page of description of your products or services, the page of contact. These are, indeed, the generally essential pages of a website. And again, each of these created pages can be modulated and the possibilities are innumerable.


Finally, when the whole structure is ready, before you can enjoy your new website, you will have only a few parameters to settle. For beginners, these settings can be handled intuitively enough and modified as you see fit. It is at this last level for example that you will allow comments on pages, add menu items, insert applications and widgets such as calendar, clock and create more or less sophisticated galleries.

In short, creating a website for your business is simple and fast enough with WordPress. On the other hand, because of the numerous possible settings and customizations, you will have to explore and test a minimum in order to take full advantage of them. These numerous and almost unlimited possibilities are essentially the major advantage of WordPress. This gives it the status of the best tool available and usable both by the novice who starts in the creation of a website, and by an expert who wants to make the most of his website.