5 tips to choose your domain

The domain name is the name retained for the address of your website. It consists of the name and extension chosen. Which word to choose? Can we put dashes? How to know if the chosen name is available? Where to deposit it? The choosing a domain name deserves serious thought for those who embark on the creation of their website, because the chosen address must convey the image of the company and mark your presence on the internet.


In order to find the ideal domain name for your website, it is essential to list all keywords that relate to your activity. The name chosen must be meaningful, whether it is an association of two or three terms or a transformed word, for more dynamism. For the more creative, you can also create your own word. In that case, originality must be combined with simplicity, because the name invented must be easily recognizable and above all easy to write for Internet users. The basic rule is choose a short, easily remembered domain name. Preferably, do not choose names that are more than three words long. A word that is easy to recognize and easy to read will be better referenced in search engines than a compound and complex name. However, if you opt for a compound name, prefer to separate them with dashes. And know that a domain name must be between 3 and 63 characters.


After the choice of the name, it is then essential to think about the extension. This is about whether you will opt for a .fr, .com, .be … The choice of the extension depends on your current and future target. You can own a domain name under several extensions to enjoy a good local SEO. Know that each country has an extension: .fr for France, .de for Germany, .be for Belgium, .eu for the countries of the European Union. The media also have their extension: .tv and .fm. The .org for associations and organizations sites. Thus, it is more interesting to reserve the international extension .com and buy all the extensions that correspond to your target audiences. Remember to anticipate your geographical development and book new extensions to prevent another company from registering the desired extension and selling it to you at a high price. Keep in mind that new industry-class extensions are recently available and can be pre-booked. In the health sector, for example, there is the .fit. The .promo and .coupon for commerce, or .home and .immo for real estate.


To prevent malicious people from hijacking your domain name, which is quite common for a very popular company or product, you must register all the names that are close together and all the variants to the name of the chosen domain. Also think of people who make syntax errors. Thus, for your site to be found even if the user makes typing errors by entering the site address, register your domain name with faults, accents and names nearby.


Before appropriating the domain name, it is advisable to check availability with a search service on the Internet. Using Mister Hosting you can check the name and possible extensions for your domain. Be aware that if you register a domain name that is identical to an already existing trademark, you risk being attacked by the trademark / product owner and will be penalized as fraudulent users of a trademark or a product. So, it is advisable to ensure that the chosen domain name does not correspond to any company or brand before registration. Nor should it be confusing with other companies, brands or people.


Once the domain name and extension are retained, the company must reserve the domain nameby buying it. The registration of a domain name is done online, only from an organization that has been accredited to assign and manage domain names like Mister Hosting for example. This registry office is called: the registrar. The latter takes care of registering the domain name under the holder’s name and assigns him an IP address. The holder rents this domain name and the renewal of this lease is done every year or for several years, depending on the case. Finally, it is advisable not to wait for the start of business activities to register his domain name. The reservation of the name can be done well before, by the manager of the company. Later, if he wishes, he can transfer the title to the company.