Why do you need web hosting?

Do you have a website, a blog or a platform? In addition to an excellent logo, an attractive name, you also need web hosting. What is a web hosting in the clear? How does it work? If you are neophytes and the technical terms give you a headache,A few lines should give you the answers you need to better understand.


Think about the files and folders you have on your PC. They are stored on the hard drive of your desktop or laptopready and accessible at any time. A web page is a file, just like your word processing documents. Since your files need your computer to be stored, theweb pages also need a computer to be stored there. The difference is that your files, you are usually the only one to access them while Web pages are generally intended to be viewed by a wide audience. In this case, thecomputer on which web pages are to be stored must have higher performance than your own computer desktop and must be connected to the Internet via a powerful link. A computer on which web pages are stored is called a web server because it serves pages, on request, to users on the Internet. Whoever rend the websites available to many users so is web host. In reality, it is technically possible to connect your own PC to the Internet and store web pages. But in practice, this is quite difficult because generally, a home Internet connection is not powerful and reliable enough to serve multiple users at a time. For this reason, web hosting companies offer their service. These companies own and maintain very powerful web servers that store your web pages. They connect these Web servers to the Internet with very powerful and powerful connections, allowing many Internet users to access your web pages at the same time, without any problem. So, if you wish to launch a website, you will undeniably need web hosting because, unless you have really large funds, you will have a hard time investing in the hardware and the connection you need to share your website.


In addition to providing web hosting services as explained previously, other “value-added” services are offered by these companies. The extent of these varies from one company to another, but some key services are provided by almost all. This is the registration of domain names, the provision and provision of an e-mail address. They may also provide technical support either through their websites or by email or telephone. Hosting companies are numerous. However, it is essential to carefully sort throughthey are really serious, performing, offering several complementary services, and those that offer spaces on the internet, but whose services are quite limited.
Among the most famous at the moment, there are among others MisterHosting. Among the services mentioned above for example, besides the hosting service of your website, MisterHosting offers a unlimited disk spaceit offers you your domain name, it has a support service available 7jours / 7, a personalization and a total control of your website. And beware, even if the internet is full of web hosting companies, not all of them offer the kind of services mentioned above, even if all seem to put forward a tempting advantage.


There are many varieties of web hosting, designed to meet different needs. A two-page website set up by an individual will require a much less robust web hosting space than a high-traffic multinational site set up by a large company. PTo complete this information on web hosting, we must just stress that this notion is often inseparable from another parameter: the domain name. This domain name is in clear your identity on the internet. All websites can be joined, open by registering the domain name in the address bar. And here too, with a single address, each email account refers to a specific domain name. In order to deploy your website or blog, you will need a domain name.
Many people buy their domain names from their host, even before they get a space, an accommodation. Anyway, it is entirely possible to buy a domain name from a company and rent a hosting space from another provider. Note that by subscribing to a web hosting with MisterHosting, the domain name is offered.