Why is WordPress so popular?

Why is WordPress so popular? Why do millions of sites use WordPress as a CMS or content management system?

Nowadays, WordPress actually holds about 25% of market share among the hundreds of CMS that exist. Note, however, that these numbers are only estimates. Indeed, no real solid base allows to define exactly the number of sites using WordPress. The only known data is the number of WordPress downloads that are close to reaching the 150 million of times. For comparison, Drupal which is the 2eon this list holds just over 15 million downloads. In addition, there are currently download 2 000 themes and 27 000 WordPress plugins.

WordPress is an open source CMS that originated in 2003. Its strength lies in the great community that supports him, able to bring powerful new features to every major update, without neglecting plugins and themes. He became one of the most powerful, versatile, robust and user-friendly CMS that exists.

But really, why is WordPress so popular?


The fact that WordPress is completely free has greatly contributed to its success. Free and open source, it is both a financial benefit to the user and an assurance of the motivations and performance of the community working behind it. Available for download absolutely free, it is not difficult to find. Most web hosts like Misterhosting for example, install the latest version of WordPress directly on your server with a single click, without any additional cost.

But in addition, most of the themes and plugins are free, despite some exceptions. If you have advanced knowledge in web, the source code is at your disposalyou can transform it as you please. If you need help installing or customizing your WordPress site, you have a whole community that can answer your question nicely, and for free, through hundreds of forums on the internet.


Not only are they free, but they are also very varied. Each user can customize his site as he wishes thanks to the plugins, very easy to install and implement. But the strength of WordPress plugin, it is their ability to operate autonomously, which means that users can use several according to their needs. Plugins can also be updated independently of the central kernel and vice versa, without the changes causing any problems to your site. And even if these rare cases happen, the need for maintenance is generally not very significant. But besides, you still have the possibility to modify the plugins since these are also open source, except of course for paid plugins (except for some after acquitting the license).

Here are some examples of plugins available for WordPress: photo slideshows, social media, forms, SEO, caching, security, e-commerce.



La availability of many themes (free and paid) has also made the popularity of WordPress. In addition, it is not you do not have to be a big connoisseur of web languages ​​to install a theme. You just have to download it, put it in the folder indicated and designate it in the parameters of your site. For a novice user, who only has the theme to customize for their website, this mode of operation is ideal. Even a novice web designer could make a professional website in a few minutes.

Most of the themes that the community currently offers are complete, from a visual and feature point of view. The themes are lightweight, built according to the recommendations and templates offered by WordPress himself. Themes are also (most of the time) tested and rated by other members of the community so you do not waste time with poor quality themes.


Anyone, even without basic knowledge of HTML or CSS, can build and maintain a site in minutes using WordPress. Just download it, install it, set up a few lines and you have a website that works. A default theme is even integrated and installed to allow you to go to the essentials of your settings, waiting to find better. Only basic features are installedbut they are good enough for the simplest version of your website. You can then customize it with themes and plugins on the internet. This has revolutionized the way the web works.


At its beginnings, WordPress has been a CMS oriented blog. But with the arrival of many features, WordPress is suitable for the creating all types of imaginable websites. For example, if you want to set up an ecommerce site, you have the possibility to install the WooCommerce plugin.


A very most web users do not understand how SEO works and why it’s so important And yet, this topic has become unavoidable nowadays, if you want your website to be visible.

WordPress has a note of 99% SEO friendly, without you having changed anything. It is well designed and easily adapts to search engine explorations. Your WordPress site loads very quickly, compliant with UX and coding standards, facilitates image optimization, includes tools to simplify social media integration and generate XML sitemaps.

In addition, there are plugins dedicated to SEO. The most popular is surely Yoast, a plugin that instantly analyzes your SEO score every time you enter a new page or blog post. And once again, Yoast is accessible to a novice.