UX design: improving the user experience

The user experience or personalized marketing is an increasingly important concept in recent years. In the context of personalized marketing, we focus on Strategies that focus on end-user feedback, through targeted messagess to these to improve the site and the offers. But this is only possible if an internal agent communicates directly with the individual or gives the illusion of doing so.


The key toa successful personalized marketing campaign is based on an effective data collection strategy. The difficulty lies mainly in obtaining as much information as possible from the prospect without necessarily invading it. The data on the prospect itself, then his feelings and his behavior vis-à-vis your site are the types of essential information that deserve to be retained.

It is then important to know analyze and exploit these data, to exploit them wisely later. The announced objective is always to achieve targeted offers and more effective forms of communication, based on these same results.


Compared to various communication channels, Internet is a tool where it is easier to collect information. This may take a consented form, that is to say with the use of interactive pages that may contain polls, opinions, opinions … or a form not consented without, however, without the knowledge of the user, through statistical tools, tools for monitoring and tracking pages and links visited by the user, cookies … The field is very broad. You have the opportunity to test your products, your communication campaigns, the quality of your website, the features and additional information that you offer …

Internet helps to reach a maximum of prospects in a minimum of time. The Internet also has another advantage, that of being able to go beyond geographical limits, impassable a few decades ago. You can, however, set your own limits depending on your product and the nature of the information you want to collect.


Your ultimate goal is to target specific individuals with specific offers that they themselves would have announced. You can better engage a reader with marketing content that he or she finds truly relevant and useful instead of content that is not really directed to him or filled with offers that are not of interest to him. . For example, a custom email shows open rates that approach 30% with a click rate greater than 40%.

Moreover, apart from the quantifiable results, the marketing strategy based on the user experience improves the impression of the brand. With personalized communication, a prospect feels more confident and ends up feeling feelings about your brand and products. With forms of impersonal advertising campaigns, customers can remain indifferent or at worst believe themselves discarded. This will inevitably have repercussions on conversion rates and overall revenues.


Despite the excellent results achieved by some entities on the web, and despite the efforts made in this area, it is important to note that personalized marketing can be difficult. Various constraints can indeed complicate the task, such as the complexity of targets and their behavior, time constraints for some, budget constraints for the implementation of an effective campaign …

And yet, the effectiveness shown so far by this method is too important for efforts to multiply in this direction. Indeed, it is not all about getting the first time, it is about maintaining a relationship of trust with your suspects, where the most important is the search for reliable information that can be exploited.


As much as your products, do not forget to collect information on your website and the various features on social networks, on the notices posted on your blog… Before arriving at the product and being able to give its opinions and feelings on it, the visitor will first give an opinion on your website in general. This is the starting point for personality marketing. The design, the functionalities, the existence of useful pages like information about the company, the contact page … will also be noted at the same time as the products of the company.