How to change web host?

There are thousands of web hosts, these services that mainly connect your site to the Internet. At the time of creating your site, you may have chosen to be tempted by the many arguments presented by these service providers. Your host then presented everything you needed to launch your site. But today, everything seems to have changed and you start to doubt the adequacy of the services offered to you. Maybe it’s time to change of accommodation.


For most developers and owners of websites, speed is so the performance of a website is crucial. The faster a site is, the more likely it is to retain visitors. On the contrary, the slower it is, the more people will tend to run away from it, to the benefit of other competing websites. Although site design plays a vital role in speed performance, theThe material on which it is located is just as important. And for that, make sure your host can guarantee you the best possible equipment. Two elements are crucial: the hard drive where your data is stored, and the router.

Today, type disks SSD (Static State Drives), have a speed of operation that have nothing to do with that of hard drives traditional. These new types of readers are able to quickly access data without fragmentation, that is to say without there being a dispersion of information. This will result in your site will be faster if it is placed on an SSD rather than a traditional hard disk. Your hosting service will also need to use the most efficient routers. To switch from the server on which the site is stored to the visitors, the information passes through several routers. And since a channel is not much stronger than its weakest link, your website will not be faster than the slowest router! So, pay attention. Finally, in terms of performance, it is also important to consider the bandwidth available. Make sure your host can give you the band you need to not penalize your activity. The observed traffic is today more and more important on the internet. If your hosting service does not have the ability to track this growth, it may be better to look elsewhere.

In all cases, it is essential that your web host, and therefore you also with him, can be updated at the technology level. Certainly, the pace of evolution is so sustained that it is impossible to get all the latest versions of all hardware. It is however necessary make material changes that have a definite impact on the performance of the site. A hosting provider that does not update its systems and technology for a certain period of time reduces the potential of the sites it hosts and therefore puts your data at risk.


Many criteria still have to be considered when choosing your host. There is, among other things, the guarantee of the security of your data, the service of technical assistance, and even the economic factor: the price of the service. Each host, even if all do not provide the same benefits and qualities of services, looks at these aspects to attract customers. It is therefore about bcompare on these points. On the other hand, if it has one aspect on which we must stop, it is evolution. All the hosts do not think, indeed, to follow the trend, just like the questions of materials evoked previously. Some will just provide you the same service as a few years ago when you created your first website. For example, streaming videos are today common currencies on the Internet. Services like iTunes or YouTube rely on hosting services that deliver optimal performance, and not all service providers can. Your site may not be using this type of need, or at least not yet, however, get ready. Do you know that video in all its forms, and with several uses such as videoconferences, training of employees in lines, videos of presentations, etc. are indispensable and will become part of everyday life.

It should also be noted that in the near future, you may need to manage multiple platforms from a single hosting account. It’s also becoming more and more common, and yet not all hosting providers which offer the best services for this type of evolution. So, reconsider the offer that we offer you today if you were to move in this direction.


Think about payment solutions. You simply wanted publicize your activity or services when creating your website? You want to extend the service to an e-commerce type, an online store, or simply offer the possibility to your visitors to make subscriptions or payments online? And again, a radical change is necessary because the needs are no longer the same.
And all the hosts do not offer the possibility of setting up this type of activity so do not hesitate to change if this is your case.


To reassure you, do you finally say that he is quite possible to migrate to a new hosting providerwithout affecting your business and your website. Your visitors will not even realize that the site is hosted on a new platform. Or rather, yes, they will realize that the performance has improved, if you take into account the criteria above!


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